What is Cohort 21 ?

Cohort 21 is structured, but organic. It is rooted in current research, with an eye to the future of education. It is personalized, but highly collaborative, and it is authentic with participants being held accountable to their school, colleagues, and the wider audience of the CIS.

Borrowing from  the Klingenstein model, and other successful blended learning programs, this course allows participants to develop and then refine 21st Century teaching and learning practices. With meaningful action research in mind, Cohort 21 participants will:

* be effectively embedding technology and best practices in their classroom

* actively reflect on their practices to a wider audience while taking part in a larger, meaningful discussion about the future of teaching and learning

* be reading, writing,sharing and reflecting about teaching and learning

* become more attuned to your schools mission statement and how it relates to the 21st century

* be a part of a highly motivated cohort of learners who will continue to critically assess their teaching in terms of student success

It is our hope that by bringing together  a cohort of passionate teachers from across the CIS and exposing them to a rich learning experience  we will build a new inter-school collaborative community built on a foundation of collaboration and innovation.

Who is the ideal candidate for Cohort 21?
The ideal candidate will:
* be highly motivated, inquisitive and passionate about teaching and learning
* be highly collaborative and open-minded about the future of education

* not have to be an expert in educational technology, nor from a laptop school

* not have to be actively blogging or tweeting

* willing to invest a year of their time to commit to a paradigm shift of educational innovation

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