76. “Teaching Writers Speak” with Ty Walkland

What is the relationship between writing, teaching, and hosting a podcast? Today on the show I sit down with the Teaching Writers Speak podcast host, Ty Walkland. 


One of the gifts of starting this PhD has been helping to produce another podcast, Teaching Writers Speak. On this podcast, Ty Walkland expertly interviews teachers, scholars, and community educators about the practice and craft of teaching writing. Teaching Writers Speak has put out a first season of episodes and, while I know I’m biased, it’s a really excellent show that explores the complexities of what it means to be a teacher of writing.


In this episode Ty Walkland and I chat about being a teacher of writing, how he has recovered from the tyranny of writing assessments as a young person, and what has surprised him about hosting a podcast. He also explains why he initially said an emphatic NO to hosting a podcast when first approached…if you have ever thought about hosting your own podcast, hearing his take on this might just convince you to just give it a try.


I think you will be able to tell right away when listening to this episode that Ty is a wonderful human that I thoroughly enjoy getting to talk with. So let’s get right into it: click the Soundcloud link to take you to this interview. 


Things Mentioned in this Show:

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