75. When teaching is a passion with Margaret from My Call to Teach

What does it mean to be called to the teaching profession and how can we sustain that passion when things get hard? Today on the show I am in conversation with Margaret from My Call to Teach.

I really loved this conversation with Margaret. I initially wanted to have her to talk about a news article writing unit she did with her students, but as I started to research her, I came to realize that Margaret has a powerful story that I think all of us in this profession can learn something from.

She started out in the corporate world, realized that teaching was her calling, so went back to school to become an elementary teacher. Pretty soon, she noticed a gap in the resources available to teachers in Ontario and so started to sell her resources to other teachers. We get into more of her story in the interview, but this conversation serves as fantastic insight into how teachers can find their passion in the profession, lead from the middle, and how serving other people can be a restorative form of self-care. 

This conversation is coming out in June and so all teachers listening are likely needing some easy things to do for the final days with their students. Stick around for the end of the conversation when Margaret shares one idea that you just have to say YES to.

I’m so glad you are here. Let’s jump right in.

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