66. “Build It On The Side” with Dr. Shaun Woodly


How might teachers generate abundance and wealth with a hustle on the side? Today on the show I speak with Dr. Shaun Woodly from Teach Hustle Inspire.

Many of us in education have hobbies that are also teaching related. I know folks who write curriculum, who facilitate professional development, work as a coach or consultant, and of course you know–host a podcast. Dr. Shaun Woodly, CEO and founder of Teach Hustle Inspire, is here to share his vision for the upcoming Build It On The Side Conference: a way for educators to learn some of the tools and strategies of entrepreneurial thinking. 

This is a powerful and thought provoking interview that shifted my thinking on a few things and know it will for you as well. Let’s get right into it with Dr. Shaun Woodly by clicking on the Soundcloud link attached to this post.


Things Mentioned In This Show:

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