49. Teachers as disruptors with Rachel Luke

How might teachers ensure that stories of oppressed and marginalized people get taught in their classrooms. Today on the show I speak with 2020 Prime Minister’s Teaching Award recipient, Rachel Luke.

Rachel Luke is the kind of teacher that we all wish we had when we were in high school. She is dynamic, kind, compassionate, incredibly positive, and obviously loves this profession so much. But beyond her inspiring enthusiasm, Rachel is a disrupter. She uses her power as a teacher to unpack and uncover stories from marginalized groups so students deeply know the past.

In this conversation we get into a lot. We talk about how and why Rachel explores the Holocaust with her students, how and why she makes sure she addresses Residential Schools with every class she teaches, and how and why she intentionally builds rest into her practice as a teacher.

If there is a word that is lingering with me after listening to this conversation, it is INTENTIONAL. Rachel Luke is an intentional teacher that thinks carefully and critically about her power and how to use her platform as an educator for justice. I know you will love Rachel as much as I do–so let’s jump right in.

Things Mentioned in This Show:

Refugee book

Broken Circle, by Theodore Fontaine

Rachel’s Prime Minister’s Teaching Award write up


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