Month: March 2020

30. Pedagogy for a pandemic with Les McBeth, Adam Caplan, Garth Nichols, and Lara Jensen

Here we are on Tuesday March 17th and everything is different. 


We have all found ourselves in a new normal and I feel pretty confident in knowing that we are all united in how COVID-19 is shaping our realities. Some of you haven’t left your houses, some of your children are now at home with you, some of your schools have shut down indefinitely. And with this brings up many questions. 


Before all of this started to happen, I had taken a little hiatus from the podcast. I’m lucky that this isn’t my full time job and if I step back from this lil’ hobby, it doesn’t have a significant impact. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and finishing up the end of my winter term focusing solely on my students and my family felt like the best / most sane use of my dwindling energy. 


And then schools in Ontario were closed–as far as we know until April 6th–and many of our administrations have announced some plan for online or distance learning to help our population practice social distancing. 


The time for podcasting and sharing resources has never been more important. So I dusted off the microphone and sent a call out to a few of the smartest educators I know to talk about best practices in online learning.


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