22. On being curious with young people with Courtney Harris

How might we create more space for grace, curiosity, and exploration in our work with young people? Today, I am joined by life coach Courtney Harris to tease apart this question.

Courtney Harris is a former educator of 10 years with her masters in Special Education. She lives in Austin Texas and works  in person and online with teens and parents as a life coach, helping young people and their families find their way back towards communication, connection, and trust.

I so loved gathering Courtney’s experience in a coaching role and considering how educators in the school context might benefit from some of her thinking as a coach. We get into the ways that adults can help students move away from black and white thinking, how to help young people who feel stressed about the pressure to have a career plan, and some practical strategies for helping young people open up in conversation.

Courtney’s perspective and wisdom are beyond inspiring, so let’s jump right in to my conversation with Courtney Harris.

Resources and Other Things Mentioned in the Show:

Courtney’s Website

Dear Parents, Your Teenager Doesn’t Need a Career Plan

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