21. Collaborative Inquiry with Moses Velasco

How can teachers, and teams of teachers, have more agency when determining the direction of their own professional learning? Today on the show I talk with Moses Velasco, co-author of a book that addresses these questions.

Leading from the middle is a phrase that we teachers hear often, but knowing how we might enact this in our own school contexts can be less than obvious. What does it mean to support the growth of your colleagues without a formal leadership title? How can teachers apply what we know about how people learn best to our own adult learning in schools? And how can we inspire other teachers to improve student learning together?

If these are questions you find yourself pondering, then you are going to love listening to this conversation I had with Moses Velasco. Moses co-authored The Transformative Power of Collaborative Inquiry: Realizing Change in Schools and Classrooms  with Jenni Donohoo. Folks, this book is straightforward, clear, and so intuitive, you are going to wonder why all schools haven’t adopted this elegant model for teacher learning in your building.

I’ll let Moses do most of the talking on why you should read this book and how it can transform learning for your students. Click on the link above and let’s get rolling!

I think you will agree that Moses is an educator who demonstrates a growth mindset through and through. His passion and curiosity are hard to ignore and his commitment to student and teacher learning is beyond inspiring.

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That’s all the time we have for today folks, go and lead from wherever your middle happens to be, and remember we are teaching tomorrow.

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