6. Everyday wellness for teachers with Justine Cappel

How can we as teachers bring our summer way of being into every single day of our life at school? I invited my coach, Justine Cappel, onto the show today to talk about just that. 

Justine is a certified personal trainer, level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, pre / post natal fitness specialist, and the owner of Twenty Toes fitness.

While she focuses on working with women, her philosophy of navigating the middle ground of health and wellness I see as so applicable to teachers, regardless of their gender.

We sat down in my living room in the summer to talk about finding wellness in the daily grind of teaching, what teachers can do right now to improve their wellness, and why accountability is such an important dial mover. Justine also shares with me the health term that I apparently coined, so be sure to stay listening for that one.

I think it will become pretty clear how much I adore Justine how transformative she has been on my own health and wellness journey and I am so excited to share her work with my teaching community.

If you have been listening to the previous episodes on the show, you will notice that I switched up my final ticket out the door question for Justine, seeing as she is not a classroom teacher. But what I loved about her response is that it exactly fits what I hope the future of learning will be: responsibility, accountability, support through the online world, and getting out of that one-size fits all paradigm.

Justine is up to some pretty awesome things. If her message about moderation, accountability, and “just a little bit better” resonated with you, I encourage you join her 365 Tribe

1 thought on “6. Everyday wellness for teachers with Justine Cappel

  1. Loved this podcast – it speaks to the dynamic and often multi-faceted life of an educator. It’s important to recognise that one must take care of one’s self before they can properly and effectively take care of others – which is the job of an educator – in a sustainable way.
    Thanks Celeste!

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