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Leslie Farooq

Current CIS Ontario School

Rosseau Lake College

Teaching Philosophy & Bio

I was born and raised in central Ontario where I started my career as a botanist and environmental consultant in York Region. I was coaching a running clinic and training a junior botanist when it occurred to us that we could “travel the world and teach” if I first went to teachers’ college. One thing lead to another and we ended up with positions at one of the top Latin American international schools where we stayed for ten years. Now we are back in Canada and comfortably settled at Rosseau Lake College.

My teaching philosophy is probably best described as constructivist, and I do my best to offer opportunities for “productive struggle” to engage the learners in my charge. I enjoy using technology and if it can accomplish a goal that analog methods cannot, or if it can make an algorithmic task faster, you can count on me to give it a try in my classroom. My favourite moment continues to be someone else’s eureka moment.

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