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Jennifer Kelly

Current CIS Ontario School

University of Toronto Schools

Teaching Philosophy & Bio

I have always believed that the cornerstone of teaching is relationships. The start of the school year is an exciting time when a sea of unfamiliar faces in a classroom evolves into a deeper understanding of everyone’s individuality; when you re-establish and deepen a connection with students you have already gotten to know.

I feel as energized making connections with faculty and staff at my school, cross-country and track coaches at meets, French teachers during PD opportunities, and now, the CIS community taking part in Cohort 21.

When I signed up for Cohort 21 last year, I could not have anticipated the impact it would have on the way I thought about my students’ learning, my approaches to teaching, or the exponential growth of my professional learning network. This is a wonderful opportunity to both think big and make small tweaks to one’s practice with the support of a highly motivated group of people.

I am the Head of Modern Languages and a French teacher at Royal St. George’s College in Toronto. I have enjoyed over 10 years in independent schools, focusing mainly on French teaching but also dabbling in Career Studies and Co-operative Education.