Graham Vogt

Current CIS Ontario School


Teaching Philosophy & Bio

Once I was a great student. I loved learning and I was keen. My parents actually worried about me for caring too much, for being obsessive. That was when I was ten. After that I wasn’t so keen anymore and before too long I was a disaster. I went to a massive high school that was over 100 years old and I set records (lowest grades ever awarded, most absences…). No, like I really did! University wasn’t a whole lot better, and so I trained to be an actor instead. I did that (act that is) for quite a few years. Mostly I had fun hanging out with my very close friend, writing two-handed plays and performing them wherever we could on all ends of this earth. As that flame dimmed, my passion for learning was re-igniting. I was 10 again. I’ve never looked back. Not only do I passionately learn, I passionately learn about learning. Perhaps somewhat desperately, I forever seek to truly understand the nature of that 15 year gap between me and a system of education. Somewhat more urgently, I seek to understand that same gap I witness in so many (too many!) of my students.  I must know how to heal this gaping and disturbing wound. In Cohort21 I have found an amazing home that has at once provided answers while exaggerating my thirst. I am obsessive again. Perhaps my parents should be worried.