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Celeste Kirsh

Current CIS Ontario School

The Bishop Strachan School

Teaching Philosophy & Bio

Once upon a time, I decided to become a teacher because I really (really) love school and learning. I love not knowing something, and trying to find a way through a sticky puzzle. I love being part of something larger than myself and connecting with others in a community of seekers. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes only after goals were reached that once seemed scary and lofty. I love uncovering who I am as a human by better understanding a subject area or deeply reflecting on a profound experience.

Being involved with Cohort 21 is one of the ways I remind myself that teaching and learning can be as innovative as the world we are preparing our students for. My experience last year really showed me a different way to teach and learn that is dramatically more aligned with my core values than the school I grew up in.

Presently, I teach Grade 7 English at the Bishop Strachan School. I am going to wage a bet that I am one of the luckiest teachers in the world to be introduced to something as transformative as Cohort 21 at a relatively early stage in my teaching career (this is year 4). In addition to my passion for 21st Century Learning, I am also actively curious about diversity, anti-oppression in schools, mindfulness, dramatic play, and outdoor education.

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