“Guys, guys, guys, can we take a step back here?’

Jokes/soundbites/attempts to appear smart at meetings aside, I hadn’t been at TYS long on Saturday before I found others with whom to share the experience of the low-level panic that occurs when you step away from work responsibilities.

Whether we were missing a homecoming festival,  asking our student leaders to run their first community event, or leaving a list of triathlon logistics for colleagues and hoping for the best, (they rocked it; see photos below by Season 7’s @lfarooq and RLC residence don J. Glavin,) many—perhaps even most—of us felt some level of guilt, anxiety, or pressure of a day away. I certainly did, and I’ve always been fairly confident in my ability to roll with the punches when things are beyond my control.

But, as challenging as it may feel sometimes to take a step back from our daily routines, we are all in the midst of a beautiful opportunity to take a step into the world of Cohort 21.  It’s exciting to be part of this special community where we can collaborate, innovate, and grow. Let’s do this, Season 8 team!

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  1. @jsheppard Im looking forward to connecting with you at the next F2F. I got around to most people on Saturday but I just kept missing you during he “shuffles”. I hope you had a good day. Thanks so much for coming all the way from RLC. I hope we made it worth the drive 🙂

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