3 Resources I’ve Loved This Week…

I wanted to share three resources that have really resonated with me that I have come across either this week or the last. I think that these 3 resources really speak to the challenges and hope that we are facing as educators. Take a listen, take a look, and take a read. I hope these bring you inspiration, support and maybe, just maybe some added motivation 🙂

1) The Game Changers Podcast with Valerie Hannon:

Your hosts: Associate Professor of Education & Enterprise Philip Cummins and prominent educational Thought Leader Adriano Di Prato. The Game Changers podcast aims not only to put a spotlight on the innovative ideas shaping the landscape of 21st century schooling, but to enter into a deep dialogue with those brave pioneers, the true game changers in education.

With Valerie Hannon, she explores 4 inflection points in the world that will greatly impact education, all while focusing on the educator’s lived experience on Thursday afternoon:
1) Thriving Planet: this needs to be the focus of education – a post-human education where we see ourselves as part of nature, understanding how to live within and with the planet as a whole. How might we allow our planet to thrive?
2) Thriving Societies: understanding and making strides to allow our societies thrive
3) Thriving Relationships: “Great lives are conditioned by great relationships”
4) Thriving Intrapersonal: Who am I? Do I have a sense of purpose? What wells can I go to to be calm and a sense of who I am?

Favorite quote: In response to “How would you respond to the teacher who argues that students can’t construct compelling questions or authentic products if they don’t understand the knowledge?”

“I agree, this is not an anti-knowledge agenda…It’s just stupid to create a binary argument”

2) NPR Comic: How To Turn Your Home Into A School Without Losing Your Sanity:


This is a collection of comics that provide insights into a “How-To” approach for success. They are digestable, nice enough to put up in your home, and have a sense of humour.


3) Learning in the Time of Covid-19 by Mary-Lou O’Brien

Mary-lou O’Brien is a Digital Transformation Consultant, Educator, Aussie eTail Pioneer, Global Explorer, Intrapreneur & forever a student. (LinkedIn profile) I had the priviledge or meeting her not too long ago during a stint in Toronto. She has published THIS ARTICLE to sum up what she feels are the important things for educators.

Favorite part: Point 6 – her recommendation to educators who, once they have their curriuculum posted onto their LMS is to cut it in half!

Halve it! Once your curriculum content is on the page, review it and halve it! Seriously! Think of the two tweets from this morning that got me writing this article. Learning should be engaging and interactive, a mix of synchronous and asynchronous and all balanced with time for wellbeing.”


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