Project Based Learning: Levelling Up

Project Based Learning is far more than simply setting students on a path to complete a project on a given date. Rather, Project Based Learning is a complex pedagogy that requires attention, a shift in one’s role as a teacher and one’s mindset.

I believe that Project Based Learning is a combination between student skills and efficacy, and educators setting up students to apply their skills effectively to answer really great questions.

The Right Question Institute states that teaching students how to ask the right questions is rarely deliberately taught in formal education. I would stretch this further as say that it is rarely a skill that is cultivated by educators ourselves.

The book “Teaching That Changes Lives” by Dr. Marilee Adams sets educators on the right course to ask questions – of themselves, for themselves and for their students. Questions – asking the right questions to the right people (including ourselves) is a powerful key to unlock our potential in shifting how we work in the classroom, in our schools, and the way students learn.

For this reason, I am very excited to be a part of the upcoming Buck Institute at Hillfield Strathallan College. It’s a great opportunity to Level Up in your skills – whether you are a seasoned pro, or a hopeful beginning, there are three ways to access the work of the Buck Institute. There will be a showing of Most Likely to Succeed, and much more.

As educators, we know more about the way the way students learn, about the way that teachers learn, and how the two can be brought together to avoid burnout, disengagement and disillusionment. This is a chance to ‘buck’ the trend, and inspire yourself and your students.

I hope to see you there…



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