Dear Cohort 21 Members: Congrats, your exhausted!

I wanted to write this post as an inspiration to all my fellow Cohort 21 members as we head into March and towards the end of our energy and capacity for the year! I just read this great article on leadership by Workplace Mojo entitled “13 Thoughts for Discouraged Leaders“. Despite its title, it actually serves to inspire and help me keep on carrying on.

And it’s exhausting. Tiring. Long hours. The certainty that almost any decision you make will not be perfectly agreeable to at least somebody. Cranky bosses. Crappy work environments. It could be any number of things or combination of things, but there are times when you just get discouraged, and I don’t think there’s any shame in that. It’s a normal part of being human, yes?

This list of 13 thoughts gives me a moment of pause, particulurly when we are drained and trying to lead others who are feeling the same way – the difference is that they are being further drained by us…the leaders asking them to do and be more, asking them to buck up and put in that extra effort in the last bit of the term. But, as this article suggests:

(and these are just 2 of the 13, but two of the most relevant for me)…

10. Your perseverance isn’t just about you; it’s about helping your team as well. Then again, helping your team is probably why you got into leadership, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

11. Feel like you’re running into obstacles? Be encouraged. That usually only happens when you’re moving forward.

So, when you’re down and things are getting tough, think positively because it means that you’re making progress!

2 thoughts on “Dear Cohort 21 Members: Congrats, your exhausted!

  1. Ah, there is some logic behind the near depletion of energy reserves….thank you for sharing Garth.

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