As I’ve written about before, I took part in the first installment of The Teachers’ Guild, run by IDEO. Its mission is to build collaboration amongst teachers to solve challenges in education. This particular iteration had this challenge prompt:

“How might we create rituals and routines that establish a culture of innovation in our classrooms and schools”

For me, it was joining a community of like-minded educators, willing to build on, elaborate, politely critique, and join as a team member, to grow ideas and solutions. The support from Molly and Emma was incredible, motivating me to do more. “How could you position this as a pitch?” Emma asked, which made me go through an exercise of ‘precis’ – boiling down, filtering through and narrowing my meaning. The support from colleagues was inspiring “What I do is…” suggested one collaborator – invaluable ideas that help spawn others.  The support from complete strangers was gratifying and given back. It’s true what they say:

Good collaboration breeds good collaboration

Without any F2F connections, the Teachers’ Guild has created an incredibly dynamic platform to bring like-minded educators together to work together, collaborate and inspire one another to solve challenges in education. Thanks for all the support.

The people who run the Teachers’ Guild are just so darn supportive! This is what they sent me to notify me that my Inquiry & Design Lab concept was selected as a final favourit! 🙂

My Inquiry and Design Lab was selected as a final favourite. View the other favourites here

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