Parting thoughts – Final Cohort 21 F2F 2017

Cohort 21 is a collaborative learning experience that led participants to create an action plan by using a design process. It takes place face-to-face in real time and in the virtual world too. It is electric and eclectic. It is led by thoughtful and energetic facilitators Garth and Justin and kind and patient program alumni who serve as coaches. It is about inspiring educators to effect change by taking action on their action plans. It is a gateway to more learning and collaboration.

What was is like? It was fun and a little scary. It was hard work in the midst of other hard work. It was challenging to try to do my best work and humbling as I tried to navigate the worlds of blogs (Okay!) and Twitter (Not so okay!). It was great to learn from, talk to, and reflect with so many fine and highly motivated educators who share both a love of learning and a respectful desire to grow alongside the learners with whom they work.

I would recommend it... highly!

#cohort 21