Reflection on Action: Feedback about Feedback

Ok… I made it! Or we made it! Either way, it’s great to think back on what I’ve learned over the past few months. When you go to your first Cohort 21 meeting a number of things happen:

1. Parts of your brain start to drip out of your ear… but you try to act cool and pretend like it’s not happening.

2. Garth and Justin seem like the smartest people you’ve ever met in the world!

3. You start to feel like you might be really, really useless as a teacher.

Never Fear!!! Things change (particularly #3). I’m here to report that I’ve gone through the wormhole and come out the other side… or, much like Luke Skywalker flying his space ship through that crazy narrow Death Star alley way, there is hope!

Watch this extremely long (sorry, I say “ummm” quite a bit, I’m going to give myself some feedback on that) but detailed youtube vid on what I learned this year (my much more succinct Google Doc presentation can be found below the Vid):


I’ve also included a hyperlink to my google docs ACTION PLAN REFLECTION… if you’d prefer the crib notes:)

Here’s my bottom line advice for everyone attending next year’s amazing Cohort-Clique:

#1: Don’t forget your powercord in a fancy office building (MARs)… you won’t get it back.

#2: Be open to learning new things… over and over and over again… and then put them into practice.

#3: Get data… bring the students along on your Cohort adventure.

#4: Don’t let the first day melt your brain. Realize everyone feels slightly overwhelmed… just look at Tim! He ended up copying my Action Plan Reflection idea, but he still turned out ok, right?

and finally, #5: Keep it going! Hold on to those Personal Learning Networks over the summer and foster new ones in the Fall.

Thanks again to Cohort 21, CAIS, and Lakefield College School for letting me participate in this transformative experience! Take care…


Luke flying through the Death Star

Luke flying through the Death Star

3 thoughts on “Reflection on Action: Feedback about Feedback

  1. Brent,

    Although I did manage to come up with the same idea for my action plan reflection (an analogous structure I might add…similar in function with a separate evolutionary pathway), I commend you on the feedback on your feedback with google forms. It shows students preferring the youtube feedback option which shows you have not done them disservice in all your efforts. The time you put in is appreciated I am sure! Well done!

    Your buddy in learning,

  2. Brent,
    As I’ve commented before, you’ve really pushed the feedback loop in your teaching and students’ learning. I really like how you’ve experimented and reflected on different approaches, but would like to learn more about how scalable your approach is with the number of students – likewise if you have a strategy for when to give such incredibly detailed, personalized feedback.

    I want to chat further with you on Friday about this idea I’ve been kicking around that I refer to as ‘error analysis’, and where this could fit in as well.

    You’ve produced an excellent summary, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday,
    thanks for sharing,

  3. This was a great final summary of all of your learning. I really loved actually just seeing your classroom and seeing you in action…bloopers and all. Your sense of humour and candour are refreshing and so valued!

    I echo everything Garth has said…and I also also wondering how you manage to target your feedback? Do students have a way to ask questions about their work that you can respond to? Is there a way to peek into a student’s head and garner what would be the most valuable feedback to offer them?

    Also, I LOVED what you said at the end of your video: “Technology needs to support, not guide good teaching practice”. Ruth’s final action plan post seemed to suggesting this too, and I’m guessing that this is a common theme with many of us Cohortees.

    Looking forward to catching up and fully debriefing on Friday!

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