Season 8 Members,

Hard to believe that two short weeks ago we all were gathered at Branksome Hall for our 2nd face to face session. What a great day of thinking, designing and discussion! December is now upon us and in three weeks time we will all be enjoying a well deserved break. This is the perfect window to press “GO” on our Action Plans and start executing on some of the strategic “to do’s” that will help you answer your “How might we…” Action Plan guiding question.

Since everyone benefits from some good ol’ checklists and deadlines here are some action items to complete before the holidays.

1.Confirm your HMW question: At the end of the 2nd Face to Face you all submitted an exit ticket where you submitted your latest version of your “How might we..” Action Plan guiding question. Please check in with it and confirm it here. If you missed the 2nd face to face then please connect with your assigned facilitator and they can help you generate one and submit it to the Google doc. We will be using the questions to group you during our 3rd Face to Face (Jan 17th 2020) and would ask that you make your changes by December 20th so we can print them out. If you don’t see your name feel free to add a row and insert it along with it’s connected Action Plan strand  that best aligns with your question.

2. Blog about your Action Plan: Our hope was that the 2nd Face to Face helped you focus down into a Action Plan that is both manageable and actionable. Your HMW questions is just a glimpse into the direction of your challenge but there is so much more to share. Surface your Action Plan challenge in a post, how you arrived at your HWM question and what your next steps will be. Include a picture of your Action Plan roadmap or break down your “next steps” in written form. Either way, hold yourself accountable to the goals you set on November 18th. If you have already run a few of your “Planned experiments” since then; include those too. Our facilitators and coaches are standing by!



3. Comment on some fellow member blogs: The Cohort 21 Activity Stream is an incredible resource for professional inspiration and discussion. Block some time before the holidays to “give back” to those who helped you or have inspired you along the way. Comment on their blogs, leave kudos or links to resources and ideas. Our community is made richer when you contribute. Don’t forget to call them out using the “@” symbol in each post or comment.

4. Book coverage for Friday Jan 17th 2020: Our 3rd face to face session will be held at the We Global Learning Center. The day will be here before you know it and could conflict with something that has yet to be scheduled. Get the date into your calendar now so you can lock it in and avoid the double booking.


We will reach about our in January with more details about the 3rd Face to Face and what is in store for the day. 

Have a very happy holiday break!

The Cohort 21 Team

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