Happy December! It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago today we were all gathered at UTS for our 2nd face to face session. In independent school time that can seem a lifetime ago. With the holidays around the corner it is a perfect time to reach out and set our intentions as they relate to the Cohort 21 action plan process. This week (perfectly timed)  Seth Godin released another episode to his Akimbo podcast series. It is the audio version of his famous “What is school for?” TedX talk and expands on the version we played for you at the 2nd F2F. It’s essential listening and nicely frames the importance of the work you are  doing. I guarantee it will add energy to your Action Plan process and inspire you as an educator. Don’t delay…hit subscribe 🙂

The next time we meet will be on Friday January 18th 2019 (8:30am – 3:30pm) @ the We Global Learning center. The room is awesome and lends itself perfectly to the collaborative work we will be doing that day. The session will be jam packed with opportunities to talk, share and connect with one another. More details to come but book your school calendar and coverage now to avoid conflicts.

In order to best prepare for that day and continue the momentum you generated at our 2nd face to face here are your TO DO’s from now and until then.

Before the Holidays (December 20th):

Fill in this Action Plan Update form by Thursday December 20th. It will help us organize you on the day and will provide us with important data to help us personalize your support. It will take approximately (1 min).

December/January To do’s:

1) Post to your blog and share your refined “How might we…?” question and Action planning map that you created. Include pictures from your workbook, links to resources and insights into the challenge you want to address. Ask questions and reach out to others for support in your post using the “@” tool. The more you can tell us the better we can support you. Coaches and Facilitators are standing by….. 🙂

2) Share your action plan with your users/students and get their feedback. Include them in your design and planning process. Incorporate their input. Post on your “How Might We” Question in your classroom wall and Tweet a picture of it to #cohort21 #GoDeep

3) Engage: Click on the “Connect” tab of the Cohort 21 site and choose “Activity” to see what has been happening across our blog network. It is awesome! Reach out for support and lend a hand where you can by sharing your expertise through the blogs comments. Don’t forget the “@” symbol to call out each other. Take part in a Twitter chat or a Hangout with your coach/facilitator.

4) Book coverage for Friday January 18th, 2019. Make sure it is in your calendar. Make time between now and then to think about, plan and move forward with all the ideas you generated generated during the design thinking process.

5) Share some Cohort 21 magic: Attached is the Cohort 21 infographic. Share it with one colleague who you feel might enjoy this type of PD experience.

We wish you all a very happy holiday break and look forward to connecting again in the new year with updates and logistics for our 3rd face to face.

The Cohort 21 Team

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