Welcome cohort 21 season 7 members, coaches and facilitators,

Here we go! For many of you registration for Cohort 21 began back in May of the last academic year. In fact the entire cohort filled up in one month and by June we were full. In fact this is our largest cohort to date. In the room today will be 8 facilitators, 15 coaches and 52 cohort members from across 36 CIS Ontario schools. It is quite an impressive group. The room is also filled with a wide variety of teaching experience and background. All departments, divisions and disciplines are represented today. It is this diversity of perspective that makes this PD experience so different but also so effective. Today is all about connecting with one another, putting names to faces that will be part of your support network throughout the Action Plan process. It is also about getting set up the tools to help you do this. Your blog, Twitter, Google Chat. These channels will serve as your toolkit as you look to solve a challenge or action a idea that you have that will impact your school and your students.

The links for today’s session are found in the top menu bar of the cohort 21 site. After you log in take a quick look and you will see them. Have that open along with twitter throughout the day to reference the links and resources.

Looking forward to another great year!



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