Dear Cohort members,
We hope this update finds you well and excited for the upcoming holidays. 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year and it is all kicking off with our third face to face session on Friday January 19th at 8:30AM. Thanks for all of the great thinking and sharing that is happening on the blogs, over Twitter and on Google+. Putting your thinking out there, and being open to dialogue is at the heart of what we do. Your comments have been generous and generative – let’s keep it going!. We are in the process of cooking up another awesome day of learning, sharing and refining our action plans. To that end we have a few things we need you to do before the day.

Next Face-to-Face will take place January 19th at 8:30AM at a new location:

Me to We  – Global Learning Center – 339 Queen St E

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Due to a booking conflict we were unable to grab our usual big room at MaRS. Since we like to invite special guests and other action plan enhancing alumni  to join us on the day we needed a bigger spaced to accommodate our programme. Luckily former CIS Ontario educator Sean Mitchell offered up the brand new We Global Learning Center. This new space is stunning and will serve as an amazing backdrop for the day.

Prior to December 22nd (Before the break):

1. Fill in this important Action Plan Survey: Take 5 minutes to fill in this short action plan status survey. It will give us a snapshot of where your Action Plan is at and important data that we will use to support you on the day. (5min max). Click here for survey.

Prior to Friday January 12th:

2. Publish your Action Plan Post – Prior to our meeting on the 19th we would like everyone to post their homework from the 2nd face to face session and the action plan design thinking experience.

  • Post your How Might We, and any iterations that you may have made since then.

  • Share how your thinking has shifted since then and where you have arrived (Include pics of your placemat if you feel comfortable).

  • Be sure to add the “Action Plan” category and appropriate tags to your post. Refresher How-To Video HERE. ***Some of you have already done this but feel free to post an update should you have one***

3. Read and comment on three cohort member blogs (3X)

There has been some AMAZING thinking published since we last met and incredible conversations started as a result. Please read at least three other member blogs and comment on them. This feedback is what fuels the cohort community and the support experience. Remember to call out each other using the “@” symbol so we can bring more perspectives to each comment thread. Click here for the recent post feed . Scroll through the posts and jump in.

4. Tweet & Share,

Tweet your thoughts to @Cohort21 and use the #cohort21 hashtag. Share a resource, reflection and/or kudo.

Post to our Google+ community if you have any BIG questions that you want the cohort to chime in on.

Nuts and Bolts for January 19th: Me to We – location, lunch, parking info and more

Are you coming?: Please let us know if you are NOT coming so we can plan our lunch numbers

When do we begin? – Please arrive in time for an 8:30 AM

Where is Me to We Global Learning Center and how do I get there?: Click here for map

Is lunch being served?: You bet! It will be yummy with vegan and gluten free options from Freshii

Will this be a great day of learning, sharing, & collaborating? Of course!

Don’t forget to book your supply coverage for this day. The day will run from 8:30am-3:30pm. We will again have a social following the day at a local pub/restaurant. These are always fun events so if you can make is we would love for you to stick around.

See you in the New Year!

Justin, Garth and the Cohort 21 Team


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