Building off of the positive and enthusiastic momentum from our 2nd Face-to-Face at The York School, we wanted to give you more impetus to stay connected, and leverage this community for you as a professional.  This will really help us make the most of our trip to MaRS.

With that in mind, we encourage you to take the time to:

1) Reflect on the 2nd face to face session and your action plan design thinking experience. Where did you start and where did you end up?
2) Interview your user using the workbook sheet provided. Reflect and record the insights gained.
3) Post to your blog and share the answers to the above questions. Include pictures from your DT workbook, links to resources and your refined “How might we….” question. Clearly define your objective, next steps & tasks ahead.
4) Tweet, Share to Diigo & Google + and engage with the Cohort 21 community.

Need support? Tim (@timrollwagen)  and Ruth (@rutheichholtz) for a Twitter chat on Dec. 8th, 2016 at 8PM. Use #Cohort21

Need more? Offer up your own engagement through the Cohort 21 channels, or through your school community!

See you out there soon!

The Cohort 21 Team

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