We are off to a great start with Season #4 of Cohort 21. We attribute this to four key elements:

  1. Our Alumni – thanks for raising awareness of what Cohort 21 is all about. Thanks to those who have spread the word, and continue to use the Cohort 21 toolkit to connect and to innovate across the CIS Ontario community of schools
  2. Our top-notch facilitators who designed and implemented incredibly meaningful experiences for our members (@ckirsh, @lmcbeth @ddoucet and @shelleythomas
  3. Our very supportive, and experienced coaches who worked side-by-side with our current members in the workshops (@danielleganley, @jsmith, @timrollwagen, @brenthurley, @reichholtz, @adamcaplan, @lmustard, @rarcher, @cschindler)
  4. Our newest Cohort 21 members! It is your enthusiasm and willingness to dive right in that has made this one of our most exciting starts to any Cohort 21 season. We’ve seen you write some excellent blog posts about your initial worries, that have now turned into hopes and aspirations for your students. We’ve chatted on Twitter and will continue to chat on Google Hangouts and more Twitter Chats between now and our next F2F. We are uploading articles and sharing our ideas on Diigo and Google+ too!Thanks for making this so exciting and for engaging all of us in all that you’re doing. See you in November at The York School!

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