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road-aheadIt has been just over two weeks since our last Face 2 Face session and so much has happened locally as well as globally. The Patriots won the SuperBowl, Beck won a Grammy for best rock artist and many of us have been through our winter whirlwind of exams, reports and parent teacher interviews. Online our community has been busy with action plan blogs, and comments and connecting with one another.

To Do: February = Feedback

Throughout February the Cohort team will continue to respond to as many posts as possible and push your ideas and thinking forward. If you haven’t posted in a while don’t worry and don’t stress. Try and fire off a quick one in the next few weeks to let us know where you are at and how we can help.

To round off the month we are going to engage your curriculum leaders and invite them to read and explore your ideas. There are two reason for this. The first is to make sure that they can see the good work that you are doing. The second is to encourage them to participate in the conversation and help support your professional growth. We will be inviting them to “comment” and help push your thinking forward.

Twitter Chats & Upcoming Google-Hangouts:

Here is the schedule for upcoming Twitter Chats and Google Hangouts with facilitators. NB: we are open to ideas for topics and areas to cover, so start tweeting out your requests!

Date Format Facilitator Topic
Feb. 18th – 8:30 — 9:30
Bringing It Together: Toolkit, Lenses & Design Thinking overview and action items
Feb 22 8pm-9pm
Google Hangout
Design Thinking
Monday March 2nd 8-9pm
Google Hangout
Applying Protocols to Fine Tune Your Action Plan – Part 1. Contact Celeste if you want to volunteer your action plan to be tuned!
Sun. March 22nd 8-9pm
Google Hangout
Applying Protocols to Fine Tune Your Action Plan – Part 2
Contact Celeste if you want to volunteer your action plan to be tuned!
April 7th -8-9pm
Twitter Chat
Action Plan Status Chat
April 21st – 8:30 – 9:30
Google Hangout
Garth & Justin
How will you tell your action plan story? Discussing examples, ideas and ways to create the right medium for your message

Countdown to April 24th – Action Plan Question & Answers

As we close in on April and our final face to face session many of you will have questions about what that day will look and feel like. Our goal from the start has been to create a learning community that was authentic and meaningful to your own professional growth. To that end the Cohort 21 experience is all about the journey and the final face 2 face session is just another stop on that journey. We will send more specific guidelines in late March but for the keeners here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep in Mind…1) You don’t need to come to any formal conclusions

2) You don’t need to create any formal findings about your teaching

3) You DO need to reflect on your action plan in a final blog post.

4) You DO need to create some sort of presentation to summarize your work throughout the year that can be viewed online and shared it with us by Monday, April 21st.

**** We will send out further instructions closer to the date but here are some examples from the past two years***

Don’t forget……………

The Final Face 2 Face – Friday April 24th @ UCC – Book your coverage today.We are planning a day that involves some high quality discussion, sharing of your journey and relevant findings, as well as some libations and celebrations.

Have a great March Break!

The Cohort 21 Team

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