B0O3ghkCUAA0SOXIt has been a little over a week since our first Face 2 Face session but in independent school time that can feel like a lot longer. For many of us a normal week is filled with coaching, tutoring, staying late, getting up early, planning, collaborating, teaching and learning. Online there was lots of activity as well. Many of you jumped on to Twitter and Diigo and posted your blog.  If you want to get caught up look no further than these three links:


Click here to review all recent #Cohort21 tweets

Click here to review all recent additions  to our Shared Resources on Diigo

Click here to review recent Cohort 21 Blog posts – Reflections from around our network

 The Cohort 21 Toolkit

The strong relationships that we began on Saturday the 18th are what make this community unique. We extend and deepen these in between the Face 2 Face sessions through the use of the Cohort 21 toolkit (Twitter, WordPress, Diigo, Google Apps). If you haven’t had the chance to engage there is still lots of time to dive in.  Let’s review our checklist……

1) Twitter:

– Make sure you are following the #Cohort21 tweets. Retweet one or two tweets that are meaningful to you and your practice

– Check out a twitter chat that you learned about, and follow along and even join in through their hashtag

2) Diigo:

– Make sure you are a member of our Diigo group

– Make sure you have the Diigo toolbar

– Make a comment on someone’s post, or post something yourself

3) Cohort 21 Blogs: www.cohort21.com

– Please  ensure that you have published an entry – A reflection on the first Face 2 Face would would be a good place to start.

– Then, be sure to post a comment on another blog from the Cohort list

4) Google + Join our Google + Community

– Our Google+ community is starting to pick up steam as well. If you are interested in looping in and experimenting with this new tool, please click the link above and join in!

Engage with Us!

  1. Cohort 21’s First Twitter Chat!

On Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, Cohort 21 will host its first Twitter Chat. Beginning at 9PM, follow the #cohort 21, and contribute answers to the questions that we will be discussing.

  • It’s a great reason to get on Twitter and connect with members of the Cohort

  • We have some questions planned, but if you have any you want to ask, Email garth at garthnichols1@gmail.com

  1. Upcoming Cohort 21 Google Hangouts:

  • Between now and the 22nd, your friendly, neighbourhood facilitators will be offering Google Hangouts to help you refresh and consolidate the tools prior to our next F2F on Nov. 22nd.

  • See the table below for details and mark your calendars! Invites will be sent out via Email.





Tuesday, Nov. 4th


“The Hangout” – covering the process, tools and capabilities of Google Hangouts, as well as potential uses for teacher PD, and for classrooms as well.


Wednesday, Nov. 5th


“The Hangout” – covering the process, tools and capabilities of Google Hangouts, as well as potential uses for teacher PD, and for classrooms as well.


Monday, Nov. 10th


“Twitter Touch-Up” – covering the best practices of using Twitter to build and engage with your PLN.


Wednesday, Nov. 12th


“Word-Up w/ WordPress” – covering the best practices of your blog and how to engage readers, as well as how to link to others


Monday, Nov. 17th


Digging Diigo! – reviewing the hows and the whys of this powerful tool to help curate, share and archive your favorite weblinks.


We are busy planning our next Face 2 Face session which will be held on Saturday November 22nd at Bayview Glen, Moatfield campus. Details to come shortly!

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you online or off 🙂

Garth, Justin and the rest of the Cohort 21 Team

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