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2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year and it is all kicking off with our third face to face session on Friday January 24th at 9am. MaRs is presenting us with a great opportunity to be in a space that is not a school, but is highly focused on growing and exploring what education means in the 21st century. It is in a beautiful building that oozes innovation, and inspires deep reflection. Not only that, but we are in the process of shortlisting a few EdTech start-ups to present to the Cohort, so that we can see what is in the pipeline in  the EdTech sector, and to also provide our knowledge and expertise to their development as well.

Here is Joe Wilson on what MaRS is, and about its relationship with Cohort 21: HERE

What do you need to do before the 24th?:

 1. Action Plan Post – Prior to the 24th meeting we would like everyone to post their initial thinking around what action plan they would like to pursue. While we hate deadlines please post by the end of day on January 20th. This post will  help us coordinate the groups for the day as well as help us gather resources to support you.

        * Be sure to add an action plan category and tag to your post. Refresher How-To Video HERE
        * Be sure to read at least one other blog and comment on it
* Your Action Plan post could be in the form of a question, musings, or concrete task…

Example of an action plan as a question from Sarah Bylsma
Example of an action plan as musings from Tim Rollwagen
Example of an action plan as a concrete task from Ruth Eichholtz

 2. Don’t forget to book your supply coverage for this day. The day will run from 9am-3:30pm.

3. Consider How your Action Plan can help your school? Here is a past hangout with guest Shelley Thomas from Ridley College (and 2012-2013 Cohort Member) on how to bring your action plan back to your school

 4. Bookmark, Share, Tweet, Post, Comment.

* Use @Cohort21 in Twitter
* Post to our Google+ community
* The journey begins with one digital footstep…right Sandy!


Here are some recent highlights from the Cohort 21 Community: If you have not plugged into the Cohort 21 community in a while take a moment to read some of these recent posts and leave a comment or two:

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Stepping back to move forward,- Celeste Kirch

The digital era of teaching – Action Planning with SAMR, – Tim Rollwagen

Fostering digital citizenship – Garth Nichols

Here is to an exciting start to the year, and to reuniting on the 24th!

The Cohort Team

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