63. Creating communities of care through mindfulness with Laura Sygrove and Rochelle Miller from New Leaf Foundation

How might we create a community of care in our schools through mindfulness practices? Today on the show I speak with Laura Sygrove and Rochelle Miller from the New Leaf Foundation.

I am so excited about this conversation. Firstly because I thought I had lost a portion of it to the ethers of the internet…but miraculously my tech support found it (yeah!!). However, I am most excited because if we had lost these drops of wisdom from Laura and Rochelle, we would be the worse for it. Let me tell you a little bit about why think this episode is powerful:

Laura and Rochelle come from New Leaf Foundation–a not for profit that aims to bring yoga and mindfulness to youth and their caregivers in under-served communities. We speak in this episode about their new Mindfulness Curriculum Toolkit, how to orient ourselves in the chaos that is this school year, changing the eco-systems of school, and the counter-cultural ways we can prioritize care in our classrooms. We get animated, we get excited, we get right into it. If you are a  teacher who has been feeling the stress, the overwhelm, the exhaustion from teaching during a pandemic, this conversation is like a weighted blanket on your heart. 

Friends, I am so grateful for the work New Leaf is doing in the world of education, so let’s get right into it with Laura Sygrove and Rochelle Miller! 

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Mindfulness Curriculum Toolkit

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