40. How to talk to students the day after a difficult event with Genny Lee

How can teachers best facilitate conversations the day after an emotionally charged world event. Today on the show, I am joined by Genny Lee, science teacher and diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist.

I count Genny Lee as one of the kindest, most compassionate, and intelligent people I know. The day after the insurrection on Capitol Hill in the US, I knew that Genny would have thoughtful strategies for how to talk to and with students about events like these that–are quite frankly–happening more and more. In this conversation among other things, Genny shares her wisdom on what teachers can consider before they talk to their students, what to do when your students have already discussed it several times with other teachers, and what to do with these challenging conversations when they happen over Meet or Zoom. 

Genny Lee’s approach is infused with genuine care and empathy that I know you will appreciate, so let’s dive right in by clicking on the link attached. 




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