Month: December 2019

29. “How might we” with Les McBeth

Have you ever noticed that I start each episode with a question that begins with “How Might We”? Okay, so that comes from Les McBeth who I am so excited to have on the show today.  

Okay so Les McBeth did not invent the “HOW MIGHT WE” structure of questioning. That comes from design thinking…which Les also did not invent. But she did introduce it to me and the rest of the Cohort 21 community.

Today on the show I interview this rock star of a human who is the director of professional development at Future Design School. She will get into the nitty gritty of what she does and how it’s not actually a school per-se, but if you don’t already know her, Les McBeth is a phenomenally interesting educator: She shifted from working in New York City on juicy urban design problems, to a classroom teaching role in Toronto, and now into inspiring countless educators and schools on using design thinking in education. In our conversation we discuss the role that design thinking, empathy, and creativity can play in helping schools improve and student learning flourish. Oh and playgrounds full of knives also make an appearance, so you will want to keep listening to find out what that has to do with education.

If you are as obsessed and inspired by design thinking and Les McBeth as I am, in the show notes you can find links to how to connect with Les on the socials as well as how to find our more about Future Design School and the incredible work that they do.

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That’s all the time for today folks, keep falling in love with the problem, and remember we are Teaching Tomorrow.


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28. Truth and Reconcili-action with Dr. Angela Nardozi

How might educators overcome our own typically non-existent Indigenous education as young people to teach about first-peoples in a way that is responsible, ethical, and based in action?

Dr. Angela Nardozi describes herself as a guest on Turtle island and she is also an educator, a coach, and a doctor of philosophy. She primarily works with settler educators to help them better teach about Indigenous histories and current communities. In this conversation, Dr. Nardozi blows open for me the concept of truth and reconciliation, what it means to be an effective ally, and how we might move towards action to create a more hopeful future.


If you are a settler on this land we call Canada, if you are at times feeling worried about not “getting it right”, or struggle with wanting to know that what you are doing in the classroom on Indigenous issues is “okay”…you need to listen to this show. Dr. Nardozi’s relatable, passionate, and infectious energy will captivate and inspire you and, while we get into some pretty heavy stuff with this conversation, I hope that you will finish this episode feeling a little more motivated to explore some of these ideas with your students.

I am so grateful for Dr. Nardozi’s perspective, sharp wisdom, and for me, fresh take on these topics. Please send this episode on to someone that you know that might benefit from learning more about Angela and the work that she does.

That’s all the time we have for today, folks, keep putting relationships first, and remember we are teaching tomorrow.

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