15. Making Social Studies learning sticky with Vanessa Vanclief

Okay so history could be considered a little…um…dusty…in some circles, but Vanessa Vanclief has another approach to teaching social studies, that might make some children cry.

I have fully claimed Vanessa as my work wife at school: our classrooms are beside each other, we teach the same Grade 8 students, and our curriculums often overlap. We are both country girls growing up very close to the same small town and love a good run in our local ravine. I asked Vanessa on the show today not because we have so much in common, but because Vanessa teaches social studies in a way that makes her students feel something. Whether she is leading students through a simulation, engaging them in a rich role play, or taking on a character to highlight a big idea, Vanessa is a teacher who definitely understands how to make learning sticky. After listening to this chat I had with my friend, I am confident that you will have the inspiration you need to switch things up in your content area or just flat out steal one of her awesome ideas.

I think we can all agree that it is a good thing that Vanessa didn’t have a backup plan if teaching didn’t work out, because she is a force and an inspiration to so many people. If you liked something you heard on the show, please share this episode with a friend that you think might get something out of this conversation.

Okay folks, attached is my conversation with the very thoughtful Vanessa Vanclief.

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Passionate and curious about technology, smiles, special education, differentiated instruction, forests, graphic novels, accessibility, anti-oppression, and warm beverages. Can often be found laughing with young people and improvising songs on the spot. @teach_tomorrow

2 comments on 15. Making Social Studies learning sticky with Vanessa Vanclief

  1. I can’t wait to listen to this. Your work is always so inspirational and uplifting and always arrives just when I need to remember teaching can be hard, but that doesn’t mean its not good, or it’s not worth the effort.

  2. @ckirsh such a great episode and interview. You are really honing your craft!

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