11. CIS Ontario Women’s Network with Allison Macrae

What would you create in education if you actually had the time to think, plan, and design something meaningful? Today I talk to the incredible Allison Macrae who helped to start the CIS Ontario Women’s Networking Event with Deirdre Timusk and Tina Jagdeo.


I am so excited to confirm that the date for the CIS Ontario Women’s Networking Event is set for Tuesday February 26th 2019, open to all CIS Ontario teachers.


I asked Allison on the podcast to talk about how she leveraged the Cohort 21 experience to create an action plan that had a big impact on her community of educators. I am always amazed by people who have a full home-life and take on big, exciting projects outside of their daily professional and family commitments. Allison is one of those people that you can’t help but feel inspired by listening to her. We talk about the process of starting her women’s networking event, but also the idea of leading from the middle, why you should hire a professional photographer at least once in your life, and the merits of creating an online presence for yourself as an educator. Allison is a gem of a human and I adored getting to talk and laugh with her, so let’s jump right in.

Some Relevant Resources:

Allison Macrae’s Cohort 21 Blog

The CIS Ontario Women’s Network event posting (from 2018…the 2019 info is not yet online)

Some positive press about the event from Upper Canada College


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