I have to admit that I have enjoyed the messiness of my journey this year to uncover and articulate my action plan. I knew that I wanted to explore something related to personalized learning and my English teaching specifically, but it really took me some murky moments to understand what I need to improve and develop my practice.

Through my exploration of what “21st century learning” means and discovering more about “Deeper Learning” with High Tech High, I’m realizing my need to design a project planner (similar to Wiggins and McTighe’s performance based assessment) that will allow me to map out and plan for deeper learning. I am noticing that there are so many different components to 21st century / deeper learning (growth mindsets, authentic audiences, thoughtful exhibitions, student voice / choice, SAMR considerations, content mastery, reflection, meaningful collaboration, and self-directed learning comes to mind just to name a few) and it is challenging to ensure that the projects I design consider these numerous, yet essential components.

I want to design a project planning template and reflect on my past debating project, using this template to consider how to improve it for next year. Moreover, I want to publicly share this template for others to use and benefit from.

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