More thoughts on Flippery

Well, if I am going to experiment with this, it only makes sense that I learn from the source, Mr. Khan. This visionary is one behind the classroom flipping movement.

After watching this clip from 60 minutes, I was struck by a few things that may (or may not) influence my next steps with my action plan:

1) Most of the classrooms seemed to be using the “lecture videos” for math or science (at times, history it seems) concepts. Literacy never seemed to come up at all. Are literacy and writing concepts able to be transferred over to this approach? Why does it seem to be an untapped subject area for flipping?

2) Mr. Khan himself doesn’t actually film his face, so perhaps this is actually not very important. I should try both and see what feedback I receive from the students.

3) Knowing what to actually do with the new found class time seems to be the most interesting and pivotal shift. Thoughtfully changing the structure of the class day is actually what changes the nature of learning. The videos are great, but if you don’t do something useful with the gained time in the classroom, you are not leveraging this tool effectively.  I already pride myself in being the kind of teacher who doesn’t employ the lecture style method (I teach in a school with an inquiry based program), so I’m not entirely worried about this challenge.

4) I’m also curious after watching this clip if there has ever been any challenges having the children actually watching the videos. Ruth McArthur made an interesting suggestion in the comments section of this blog about how to help make this easier and the students more accountable. Having parents and students watch the videos together could be a fantastic way to keep parents in the loop about classroom learning and potentially empower them with the same tools to assist their children when working on concepts at home. I should also be cognizant about building in time in the classroom to allow students to watch the videos at the start of class (or lunch recess) if they didn’t do the watching at home.


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