Second F2F Meeting…today!

With our second (well…my first) Face to Face meeting happening this morning, I am actually probably hoping for what many were hankering for before the first scheduled meeting: I’m hoping to meet some of these bloggers and Twitterers (um…what do you call someone who Tweets? Is that even a thing?) that I have been reading about for the past two weeks.

I’m also hoping to take away a few more effective strategies to employ in my teaching practice and to leave feeling freshly inspired and energized after meeting and dialoging with a team of passionate educators.

On a more technical level, I’m hoping to learn how to deal with the spam issue on the blog (is the Akismet key the best way?) and fill in some of the gaps about the process that I might not have picked up on after my first meeting with my school-buddy, Ruth.

I think it was Jan who brought up this question: what next? What are our collective hopes and ideas about what we do with these skills, strategies, and ideas in order to push forward all our school communities? I’ve been sharing some things here and there with my team at school, but I’m also wondering what this practice can do for my larger community. A discussion about this would be pretty incredible, I think.

Looking forward to meeting and plotting with everything shortly!


1 thought on “Second F2F Meeting…today!

  1. Now that the first meeting is over, lets see how we want to present this back to our school. I know that I am going to mention it when I come to the junior school for the Monday pd chat, but perhaps we can select a group that we feel would benefit from the process rather than sending a mass email to the whole community, that may end up at the bottom of the email pile.

    A lunch meet up will have to occur!

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