Urgent Vs Important

Why Cohort?

Last year I participated in Cohort21 for the first time, and was so grateful to find such a supportive and understanding community. Cohort21 not only provided me with time and space to truly focus on my professional goal for the year, but allowed me to meet with likeminded individuals who supported me on my journey. So, why wouldn’t I want to come back! I’ve got a new vision for the direction of my goal, and can’t wait to find out where it leads!

An important goal that I would like to work on this year surrounds using technology as a tool to help students complete reflections – both on their work, and on themselves as individuals in the class (and in the school community)!

Pedagogy, Belonging & Wellbeing (JK-6)

This strand resonates with me as I believe assessment is critical to student success – and oftentimes the act of ‘reflecting’ get’s lost in the shuffle. We as a school are continually looking for ways to support our students wellbeing, belonging and academic success. Some questions I have surrounding this are: What tech tools can I use to help students reflect? As an adult I know that reflecting is very important, but how do I get this message across to students? Teachers feel constantly “rushed” to get through the curriculum, how can I encourage them to focus on reflection?

2 thoughts on “Urgent Vs Important

  1. Thanks for your post @smartini ! and your take on what is urgent vs important for you at the moment. A goal that centers around meaningful use of technology across your curriculum is a great place to put your action plan energy this year!

  2. Thanks for your post Shauna.
    I have found the best way for students to learn how to reflect is to lead by example. I started journaling in January of this year. I share some of my thoughts with my students but most importantly they see that I am reflecting on my practices every day. They never see me without my book. They quickly started asking questions about it and I’ve noticed some have started writing in books themselves. It’s a double bonus. It’s great for me and a great example for them. Bob

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