“Sharing Your Learning” Choice Board

What question guided your inquiry and action plan? (HMW?) 

How might we educate teachers in technology based activities/tools?

What did you do and what impact did it have?

-Focused on meeting teachers where they are. This reduced their stress and allowed me to incorporate technology that they were comfortable using.

-As we don’t have time in our timetable to meet as grade levels (advocating for this to change next year!), I made a point in my schedule to meet with teachers one-on-one.

What did you learn in the process ? (Link to any resources)

-The power of compassion

-Sphere of influence – there are certain things I can control, and that’s what I should focus on

-Resources: people! 

-Go for the “mushy” middle. There’s going to be outliers, but don’t make that your focus

What is your big  take-away and what questions do you still have?

-Tomorrow is not a date!

-Questions: I’m wondering if my question should evolve to focus more on how teachers can utilize technology to support student learning.