Meeting them halfway

January 11, 2014

Happy new year everyone!

I’m happy to say that I’ve released 4 vocab videos as of now, and I’m looking forward to releasing many more. It hasn’t been as easy as I thought for the following reasons:

-I can’t control what pops up in the ride sidebar of YouTube (ie Rob Ford on Crack, 7 of the Worst Words, etc.)

– TeacherTube doesn’t always like to upload videos when I ask it to. Sometimes, it only plays the audio without displaying the video

-Some parents want to view the videos on their mobile devices, but the videos won’t always work on these devices

I’m considering switching over entirely to Youtube. I’m hoping that once I’ve got enough videos, I won’t have to worry about what pops up on the side bar. However, that still doesn’t fix the issue of how to get videos to display on mobile devices. Does anyone who uses iMovie have experience with this? Do I need to change the video size?

3 Responses to “Meeting them halfway”

  1. Celeste Kirsh said:

    Question: have you tried making the videos using Quicktime? If you use the screen movie feature, you can take a movie of anything happening on your screen. You could be talking and explaining something using a Keynote or even just a word document, and then it will export easily to iTunes (and here, I believe, you can change the size for viewing by specific devices).

    Also, have you tried Vimeo yet? There is a small fee attached to it, but I liked how easy it was and it tended to be reliable in terms of playback (also, no annoying ads either).

    Hope this helps!

  2. Sandy Gibson said:

    THanks for the suggestions Celeste. I’ve been exporting the videos from iMovie as mp4 files but I haven’t been using Quicktime to edit them. I also haven’t tried Vimeo but I like the idea of no ads. How much does it cost?

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