Urgent vs Important – Reflections on the return to school

I’m Back! Let’s meet online.

I believe this is either my 5th or 6th time working with Cohort21 and my motivations were initially to reconnect with like minded individuals who are eager to reflect on their own processes and looking for opportunities for growth. It was also an opportunity to connect a new member of our community to the greater CAIS community.

My own goals this year are focused on the digital wellbeing of our younger learners entering into the upper school (Year 8 and 9). Over the past few years and out of no fault of their own, these students especially have spent a lot of time on their digital devices in online environments. Sometimes with little supervision or guidance on how to act in spaces that are often void of adult participation and many cases anonymous. I wish to explore how we might be able to have conversations and better prepare students to interact in a way that promotes a healthy and balanced digital identity that reflects theirs and the community’s values.

My work at Cohort21 is grounded and supported by our goal setting process that is part of our growth and evaluation policy. The policy asks for faculty and staff to set three goals for themselves. The first connected to the strategic directions of the school, the second connected to growth within our roles, and the third a personal goal that supports wellbeing. Investigating the topic of digital wellbeing at the Y8 and Y9 level both connects to the strategic goals of the school through the lens of Wellbeing and to the strand of Pedagogy, Belonging and Wellbeing (7-12) at Cohort21.

2 thoughts on “Urgent vs Important – Reflections on the return to school

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I like how you have woven all those goals together by exploring digital wellbeing of students.

    I hope that we will be able to connect since one of my goals is to explore how I might help teachers develop an understanding of positive digital citizenship, the responsibilities and opportunities afforded by online activities and the purposeful use of technology. Since I teach students even younger than yours, I feel that by strengthening teachers’ understanding and skills they will be better-positioned to support students.

    1. Yes, Looking forward to hearing what you are thinking as well. I’m also feeling parents are in that same category as teachers. A general understanding of what spaces their children is participating in and with whom.

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