In the beginning…


So what is this all about exactly….?

Starting today I wasn’t sure what Cohort 21 was all about exactly, and what I wanted to accomplish this year,  what I was going to get out of this year, or what I need to do to get there. I knew that I wanted to grow my practice as an elementary teacher and gather some inspiration.

We asked for tech and got it!

Last year I spent so much time convincing, proposing, and reading to get more technology in my school and at long last it is here. Now I need figure out what to do with it, while I have lots of ideas… I feel a lack of specific direction that I feel I should have. I need direction or perhaps focus.

Goals…subject to change

At the end  of our first face to face session as we all sat quietly reflecting on the day I pondered my goals for this year, if anything were possible what do I want to learn and explore, if I couldn’t tell myself there was not enough time, knowledge,  or use any of the familiar excuses. This is what I have so far

I want to build my ability to teach math and language through inquiry using technology as one method for students and parents to see what we are doing.  For students to use technology consolidate their learning and create and share it among themselves. But I understand that this might will change and evolve over the year and that perhaps is the most exciting part.

I think of the below image which is rather cheesy and contrived but has a element of truth.
From Creativity:Music to My Ears

and another potential hope for the year

Because it was myself (and a dedicated few) who pushed for more tech tools for our students I have taken on additional roles and have promised to help and guide my colleagues. I want to find ways to share the great things I am doing with my students and technology and to inspire others to explore technology in their own classrooms.


It seems like change is in the air …..

A video about embracing change institutionally- Real Change versus Fake Change.



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