Gamified Community Service Dashboard

I am currently working on a gamified learning management system to help empower student learning. This is my second structural gamification initiative.

A few years ago the head of Creativity Action Service (formerly known as community service) asked me to write some software to get kids involved in tracking and completing their service hour requirements for their diplomas.

Here is a Youtube tutorial of the CAS Dashboard. The system eventually included badging for submission and completion of hours.

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    @mhoel Would you be interested in presenting this at the upcoming CIS Ontario Connects Unconference? @gnichols and I are confident that we will be running a gamification session and we are looking for presenters/facilitators to share their working and thinking. Check out- . @mfarley is another C21 alumn doing some awesome work in this space -

    Let's chat more at the 2nd F2F


    1. Post author

      Hi Justin,

      Sure, it would be an honour to be invited and present 🙂 I have done a lot of content gamification in the past like Mike Farley. Most notably, my students and I spoke at 3 conferences related to using real geographic data in Minecraft (ESRI internation user conference, ESRI Canada conference and City of Toronto GIS day). Here is a link to a powerpoint:

      I am now working on structural gamification, where an entire course is turned into a empowering "game".

      Let me know what I have to do to get the ball rolling, and thanks!



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