Content vs Structural Gamification

Content Gamification

Content gamification is awesome. Engaging your students in an activity is fun and works. I am particularly fond of using Minecraft to do this. Here is an example:

My UCC students presenting at the 2016 ESRI Canada National User Conference.

Structural Gamification

The bigger picture is empowering the learning of your students for a full year using a gamified learning management system. Many LMS on the market try to implement this. This means, students use a platform where access to resources, ongoing feedback, badging and level ups for encouragement hopefully result in student engagement and empowerment.

Here is a link to a blog comparing some of them.

I find them expensive and slow. So I am trying to make my own FREE GAMIFIED LMS called

Click on the animated gif below to see what the student user interface looks like ...

  1. A leader board to show you who the top 5 students are in your class with their XP total
  2. Access to step by step lessons with links, keywords and expectations
  3. Your level and access to all levels with XP
  4. Graphic class by class XP barometer
  5. Quiz/homework barometer
  6. Top comments feed
  7. Top skills badges





6 thoughts on “Content vs Structural Gamification

  1. tracy faucher

    @mhoel I love a good side hustle! I love that you are looking at this- I teach grade 8 social studies and have a few different modes of gamification in the classroom- some tech-based and some not. I literally have a bulletin board that is a giant social studies board game. What you are striving to create is beyond me and the skills I currently have but it is definitely needed! Not everyone finds using Mindcraft accessible or knows the best way to connect curriculum expectations with something that is challenging for their students and fun. Or, if they do, they are unsure of how to present it.

    It is awesome that you are having your students test it out- they will be your best and toughest critics. I hope you bring the results from your student survey to the next F2F- I would love to look at them with you!

    @ashaikh @ahughes @wdarby


    1. Post author

      Hi Tracy,
      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Gameof5 development and rollout continues with my students and my teacher beta tester. It sounds like we should have a lot to talk about. Here is my action plan document so far if you are interested in what my students think 🙂

      1. Post author

        Hi Afzal,
        Absolutely I would love a chance to chat with you. I am having fun learning the best and worst ways to create structural gamification as well as learning about the pros/cons of programming student requested enhancements during the school year.

  2. Hi Mark,
    This sounds super interesting: "gameof5 is a learning project for the programmer and is free of charge!" I would try to get a couple of examples of YOU using it up on your blog to really capture the imagination of the Cohort!

    1. Post author

      Hi Garth,
      Will do. I have an animated gif of the user facing user interface that I have posted on a previous site. I will edit this post to include it.


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