4 thoughts on “My Action Plan (thus far)

  1. @kwhitters

    This is awesome! I love your use of Piktochart to convey your experience – isn’t it a fabulous platform? I’m looking forward to hearing all about your experience on Friday and to seeing you again!


  2. Hi Kate,
    It’s great that you had a positive experience with PBL in math! Nice use of piktochart – have your students used it for anything yet? You should check out @clovrics blog post on her action plan, also @reichholtz. There is some really excellent things happening in math these days! Wish I had inspired teachers like you when I was in high school!

    @bnichols @timrollwagen @su11armstrong @gvogt

  3. Hi Kate,
    Great work here visually representing your action plan. It would be great if you could post or provide an example of one of the PBL units/activities. I’d love to see the student piece, or the student reflection too!

  4. This is beautiful! One of my “next steps” is to figure out how to help my students feel motivated in math class and to make learning math concepts more authentic for them. I’d love to hear about the field trips you took!

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