Little knot here, Russ!

My ideas about my action plan

My ideas about my action plan

Here I am! To my loyal followers….sorry for the silence. This little image gives a look into my mind when it comes to my Cohort 21 action plan. I found the last F2F session so helpful and left with the Christmas lights uncurled with no knots. Here I am, about to meet again later this week and somehow it’s all knotted up again.

Probably a good idea to start at the beginning. A few years ago the Government of Ontario moved Ancient Civilizations out of the Gr. 5 Social Studies curriculum. I have never forgiven them for that! I loved that unit of study. First Nations and European Explorers replaced it and I was back to square one. This year, with the Cohort 21 wind in my sails, I was going to do right by this unit of study. My HMW question is, ” How might we decolonize students’ perspectives by teaching Indigenous studies through an Indigenous framework, with a focus on reconciliation?”. I was grateful to my Cohort colleagues and coaches for helping that question to come to fruition.

Perhaps the overwhelmed feeling I have is because now it is time for action. This week, this Social Studies unit of study begins. A number of fortunate opportunities have turned up as this week has approached. For one, I’m fortunate to be working with a faculty intern who recently discovered her own Indigenous heritage and so we have been working on developing the unit from scratch using the Medicine Wheel as our framework. Secondly, the first day back from Christmas break was a PD day that started off with a TCS alumnus, who is herself from the Moose Cree nation, presented to our whole faculty about reconciliation and the TRC calls to action. It led to a full day of meaningful discussions and brainstorming that was inspirational.

And so, I look forward to seeing everyone this Friday with the knot a bit looser and some lessons under my belt.

See you soon!