Location Location Location…

I just got the Google Calendar invite to attend the first Face2Face session for Cohort 21, and it got me thinking about the value of location to this experience. Physical location for our first meeting is at the Upper School of  The York School. Just to be able to see the many other teachers from the CIS Ontario at one school, to see what the hallways, and learning spaces are like…in fact, it will (hopefully) be very similar to my experience at the Klingenstein program where we were put back into the position of being a student. This is an excellent way to shift your paradigm of what teaching is like on the ‘other’ end!

Following the first face2face the location of Cohort 21 moves to the online environment. The landscape here is a bit more difficult to navigate (yes, more difficult than finding parking in downtown Toronto!), and it will be important to know the start points and end points for this journey – there are many different paths to get there though!

I’m excited to rethink about the location of education and how that can impact the learning.

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