Blogging Scope & Sequence

Thanks to Justin for pointing me to this great resource on

Blogging Scope and Sequence. It has given me a lot of food for thought in terms of how to stretch blogging across the curriculum, and how to best create standards and goals for each grade level to work towards. What I would like to to do with this is to:

1) Look and see what capacity already exists at Greenwood to blogging by slowly rolling out blogs to a small cohort of teachers first. What are their challenges to blogging regularly? How can we incorporate blogs into their own professional, reflective practice?

2) Using key stakeholders in this process (English teachers to start) see how we can load up the blogs within the courses themselves. To that end, I have r

etrieved this article and added it to my Diigo library. It is about how to best incorporate blogs into curriculum.

What I learned from this article is that it is essential to know where the students’ (and teachers’) starting point. This will very much be a personalized process to keep students knowledgable, engaged, and at their appropriate level. This article also speaks to how blogs can become a narrative of student learning, and even provide a healthy, rich and interactive way to assess for learning, not just of learning; they can be leveraged to create a “a system of assessment, not a single instrument…”


This is certainly one of my hopes: that as students and teachers use blogs more, their learning and growth get reflected in this narrative.

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