A Snowflake Post

A short, small post to wrap up the year. With 2020 ending, I wanted to compose a HMW to guide my learning in the new year: How might we become culturally responsive and JEDI-driven math educators? 

As someone starting to learn how to be a more culturally responsive and JEDI-driven mathematics teacher, I have found “Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction” a very helpful reflection tool. It “…provides teachers an opportunity to examine their actions, beliefs, and values around teaching mathematics.” And also to “identify next steps in their antiracist journey as a math educator.”

Math teachers who have chosen the JEDI stream: if in the new year, you find renewed energy to dive into this and, like me, are beginning this journey, I welcome you to join me in this self-reflection. I would love to share insights and learnings, and support one another in this space.

Said I would keep it short. But, I’d like to finish by taking a moment to practice some gratefulness. I’m so thankful to each member of Cohort 21 for helping us stay connected during a time that has felt so isolating at times, creating safe and brave space for us to honestly share struggles and fears, celebrating our victories both big and small, all this in addition to the many other day to day responsibilities. You are, each one of you, such gems. Wishing you all a wonderful last week and winter break.