Find Your Inner Innovator


SEASON 7 is ready to launch!

If you are looking for a slogan to tie this year’s Cohort21 PD together, look no further. Not all of us are born “idea people”, but we can develop the mindset to be more critical and creative in what we do.  Whether you end up engaging in classroom or whole-school innovation, there is power in approaching teaching and learning with an open and flexible mind, knowing there will be many steps and missteps along the way.

Get ready for an incredible journey into the reflective and collaborative state known as your inner innovator!


3 thoughts on “Find Your Inner Innovator

  1. Yes! I love this image for a couple of reasons:
    1) It encourages us to not only get in touch with our inner child (excitement, possibility and optimism), but also it reminds us that we teach kids. To do so effectively, we need to empathize with them.
    2) It encourages us to see this as the beginning of the journey. How would this be different if it was a finish line? #theendofthebeginning

  2. Inner innovator, strap on your rollerskates and prepare for a fantastic ride! OK, I should have said rollerblades so as not to give away my age!!! Looking forward to working with you again in Cohort Eric!

    • I know we don’t see much of one another in the giant hall of corridors that is HSC, but I will not soon forget the kindness you showed me during my interview process. I also look forward to all of your future innovations.

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